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“Breaking down the walls that constrict our view of nourishment.”


I’m Georgie Holt, a private chef from London with a passion for creating hearty, flavoursome and wholesome recipes to nourish the mind, body and soul. I am extremely devoted to nurturing and inspiring a positive and loving relationship with food for my clients.


My most-loved moments in the kitchen are spent creating desserts, sweet treats and superfood bites, after being inspired and watching my grandma cook from a young age.

I will always remember her British classics like fruitcake, battenburg and meringue. Not only this, but also the importance of incorporating the foundational family traditions of sitting around the dinner table and socialising into the way that we eat. Without these long standing traditions, we lose the joy and love that is so closely linked to food. Detoxes, quick fixes and juice diets have replaced any idea of balance and most of us are so confused that we don’t know what we should or shouldn’t be eating. As long as we are moving, eating and thinking intuitively, we are mindful, healthy and happy. Eating when we are hungry, nothing in excess and no limitations.

Without aligning to any specific diet, I believe that the more we sit, share and savour our food, the more beneficial bacteria and gut flora we produce to better digest it. Long gone are the days of spending an hour or longer eating our meal, instead they have been replaced by grab and go meals on the way to our next corporate meeting. We’ve lost the mindfulness that comes with tasting every single ingredient on our plate and showing gratitude. Without gratitude we cannot connect to the people, places and tools that brought our food to our plate. The connection with this process allows us to not only better digest our food, but recognise how blessed and honoured we are to not feel true hunger.


My eating habits are now so different because of you. I am now so grateful towards lovely vegan foods that make my body and mind feel so loved and the ritual of honouring my food in preparation. I share what you taught us with my co-workers, so your work keeps growing outside your circle.

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Upon leaving university I started out as a nutritionist’s PA on Harley Street. This involved assisting her with meal plans, organising her schedule and responding to people she had limited time to respond to. Every time I did not understand a superfood, Western medicine or drug, she would insist that I researched the benefits, withdrawals, or side effects. I began to develop an immense knowledge in this field, specifically how we can help heal anxiety and depression through the food we eat, which I was experiencing at this time from being at a desk all day, not seeing daylight and staring at a computer screen. After working in this clinic, treating everything from eating disorders to Crohn’s disease, I realised that food can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

Ever since a young age I knew how happy I was when I was in the kitchen creating. The idea of inventing delicious and wholesome food that could heal others interested me further. I wanted people to taste the love that I pour into the food I create. From then on I started working in plantbased kitchens in Berlin and London, with a dedication to getting extraordinary at my craft.

In 2016, I took the decision to open my own cafe and sell beautiful bowls of porridge, which was the most comforting meal for me at the time. I wanted people to feel the warmth and comfort that I felt from taking the time to sit in the morning and savour a bowl of oats. This was a pivotal time in my career so far, as I gathered a wealth of knowledge about logistics and the running of a commercial kitchen. Nonetheless, I soon realised that owning a cafe all on my own stopped me from travelling, experiencing other cultures and seeing the world, which had always sparked and fuelled my imagination.

This is where I began to start cooking on yoga retreats/teacher trainings, with my first in March 2018 in Miami for Budokon University. This involved planning a 30 day menu for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and executing the dishes for 30-40 students every day. All the while, I began to fully appreicate the diet of a professional athlete, as well as their wants and desires. I began to understand their complex nutritional profile, but also how little they sit down and really savour the food they eat. To make athletes sit with their food more will continue to be one of my bigger goals and purpose.



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You can taste and see that the main ingredient in her food is love.

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