CBD Matcha Raw Bites


These little beauties have a base of stevia sweetened 70% dark chocolate and a topping made of predominantly soaked cashews. You can taste the love when you eat these little bites of heaven, but also experience the relaxing benefits of CBD on the muscles and Japanese ceremonial matcha for a boost of energy.

How to make

Makes 12


  • two cups of soaked cashews (overnight or in hot water for two hours)

  • one can of coconut milk

  • one tablespoon of ceremonial grade matcha

  • your choice of sweetener (I used two tablespoons of maple syrup, but you can use stevia, dates, or agave nectar)

  • half a cup of melted coconut butter

  • pinch of cinnamon


  •  melted stevia sweetened or normal 70% dark chocolate (roughly 70g)

  • line 12 cupcake cases or muffin tins with a centimetre of melted chocolate

  • place in the fridge until set

Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until entirely smooth. Once the chocolate in the bottom of the muffin cases has set, pour a two and a half centimetre layer of the cashew mix on top and place in the freezer until set. Once set, top with your choice of decoration (e.g. toasted coconut chips, cacao nibs or dried raspberries)

Georgina Holt