Food Services


Consultancy and Recipe Development

Rates starting at £180/day

Start up businesses or newly opened cafes have to learn the tricks of the trade in their first few months and sometimes it can take two or three years until they finally start making a profit or growing. What if you had someone to give you this advice before making detrimental or long-lasting mistakes?

Much of my work has involved costing, developing and creating innovative menus for newly opened concept cafes or restaurants. In addition to this, creating solid foundations and guidelines within the kitchen, which prevent food wastage, improve fridge organisation, and reduced prep time, as well as methods to increase staff benefits and freedom.

This involves entering the kitchen for anywhere from three hours per day for one month to 10 hours for one single day. Nevertheless, it all happens on a freelance basis with an invoice at the end of the month, depending on how much work or changes need to be solidified.

If you are going to make a stand or create something special where customers will choose to come and spend an hour of their day, whether working, meeting a friend, or trying a new dish. The environment, cleanliness, atmosphere, menu cost, taste and staff all need to be no less than extraordinary. We can’t all be extraordinary or exceptional on our own, which is why we need to ask for help.

Macadamia Nut Cookies

Macadamia Nut Cookies

Turmeric Lemon Blueberry Raw Cheesecake

Turmeric Lemon Blueberry Raw Cheesecake

Cooking & Baking Classes (Private or Group)

Rates starting at £70/hour per 5 students

Ever wanted to learn how to shop, stock up your pantry or make protein/fat balls for the week? Well, you can.

I organise a variety of workshops from inspiring people to develop a more loving relationship with food, teaching them to decorate desserts, make raw desserts, make dressings to store in the fridge for the week, and more.

This can be organised for a school, a fashion event, a birthday, or even more personalised within the walls of your own home. I brng the ingredients and the knowledge and you bring a willingness to learn some new skills that you can take home with you.

Event Catering

Rates starting at £875 per week

Every retreat has a menu designed to fill the students with the necessary substance, nutrition, and fuel they need to conserve energy and show love for their bodies. The addition of visually beautiful food means that people can really sit and meditate with the food they are eating in between movement. Being mindful not just about the way they move, but in turn the relationship with food and nurturing a positive one.

Fearless Bodies recognises that a resilient and strong mind-body connection consists of not just a wholesome diet, but a diverse movement practice. The meals provided are adjusted to whatever the client feels that their body needs at each moment. They are predominantly plantbased recipes filled with superfoods, good fats, and a variety of proteins. Every person’s encounter with the food I create should be no less than a loving and positive experience with lots of memores and meal ideas they can take back home.

Buddha Bowl w/ millet, roasted curried chickpeas, cucumber dill salad, pea sprouts, pistachio hummus, microgreens and turmeric cauliflower.

Buddha Bowl w/ millet, roasted curried chickpeas, cucumber dill salad, pea sprouts, pistachio hummus, microgreens and turmeric cauliflower.


I really appreciated every meal you prepared with love to us. I am looking forward to eating some of your amazing goodies again one day. Your food is so appetising!

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