“Georgie loves what she does. She lays her soul on the plate.

I met her during a one month training camp in Miami and little did I know I was about to have the most amazing food my taste buds had ever dreamt of. I felt like I was getting the nutrition my body needed.

I cannot speak highly enough about this lovely girl and if you have the pleasure of tasting her food, then you are in for a treat.”

/  ryan mcelhinney - owner of mc & sons  /

Georgie Holt’s food is like her personality. Vibrant, alive and inspiring.

/  cameron shayne - owner of budokon  /

As an athlete and self-care enthusiast, Georgie’s consideration of how the body receives food is memorable. Her meals make me feel thankful for my body’s ability to experience and be fuelled by great food.

/  Jacqueline - satisfied client  /


Whilst doing my Budokon training in Miami Georgie was making us the most delicious (mostly vegan) food I could ever imagine. For every meal I was excited to see what she would come up with. The food was not just delicious, incredibly pretty, well presented and perfect for the intense workouts. It predominantly allowed me to keep going and make it through the 30 days. Every single meal was different and special with layers of amazing flavours. It is food I am still dreaming about.

/  Anissa Gomann /


Having attended a workshop run by the extremely talent Georgie Holt, I left not only with a wonderful new staple recipe. I left with a deeper insight into how we experience food itself. Everything that Georgie makes is not only filled with years of careful practice and knowledge, it is permeated by her love and passion for creating delicious recipes that nourish both the body and the soul.

/  aimee greenwood  /

Georgie’s workshop ‘Eating with Emotions’ was a mind and soul enriching event that taught me more about the importance of intuitive eating and self-love and left me feeling truly empowered. Making and eating yummy healthy fat-balls was an added bonus!

/  Yasmin razzaque  /